Being Tracked By Cookies

Source: Markus Spiske on Pexels

Upon using Disconnect, I was shocked just to see how many companies were tracking me through one site. Companies use these cookies to gather information enabling them to better understand their consumers and by customizing their shopping experiences allowing for relevant ads that cater to their website browsing. They can determine future marketing strategies based on location, demographics, and product searches. Cookies allow for certain fields in forms to be remembered whenever you have to input that information in another site or revisit the same site without having to redo it.

Based on website
Based on website

Even though these things make it more convenient or pleasurable when browsing, there is also the invasion of privacy or the lack of accessibility to a site if we do not enable cookies. Our information is available to anyone allowing for a greater chance of it falling into the wrong hands if we do not clear our cache periodically or take the necessary steps to prevent the excessive tracking of our personal information.




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Nenita Regidor

Nenita Regidor

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